Healthcare work has always been the most important in social work. Without a massive global effort, it would have been impossible to rid humanity of smallpox. The other international children’s disease agencies that they are trying to eliminate along with local health care providers are Polio (dugnad) . In the developed world, this disease was eradicated by educating the population and ensuring that all children under the age of five receive a polio vaccine in the form of drops for polio.

In developing countries, state governments, international agencies, and health service providers are launching mass campaigns to deliver the polio vaccine free of charge. This is only possible when volunteers go door to door and find out if there are children at home who need to get those drops. Without the help of volunteers, such a massive campaign would be impossible.

Trying to rid the world of disease is perhaps the best example of collective voluntary work. The manufacturers undertake to provide the vaccine free of charge. Airlines and shipping companies offer transport and delivery for free. The government or organization that conducts the campaign asks volunteers to administer the medication (kort dugnad) . People in the poorest countries have volunteered to offer this service for free. Therefore, no organization has to shoulder the costs of such massive campaigns.

The students are always ready to volunteer for this social work and to take a step forward. This shows that people care about the well-being of all people on earth, regardless of their skin color, their beliefs or their ethnicity. To give a person a better life is the fundamental goal of Voluntary work.

The reason why the world is not free of polio is not due to the lack of efforts of global organizations but to the lack of training of beneficiaries. In some countries, religious groups have prevented volunteers from administering the polio vaccine, which is a setback in the treatment of this disease.

Only when people have learned how useful it is to save their children from this disease, and not listen to preachers and resist polio, will the world be able to breathe together. eject (dugnad idrettslag) . Achieving this requires massive voluntary efforts that can only be achieved through massive social effort.